Back to School

Back to school is a common theme at the end of August and at the beginning of September. As students of all ages begin classes. The mingling of students, and seeing friends again is one of the few reasons that young children get excited about the prospect of going back to school. 

This fall in 2021 we are all aware of the concerns related to increased human contact. The fight against Covid-19 along with other infectious diseases is fought on many battlegrounds. One aspect of the fight is to reduce exposure to viruses and bacteria through disinfecting means. 

In choosing a disinfectant it is important to use one that is not harmful to our families and clients. Vital Oxide’s high safety rating and efficacy in killing viruses and bacteria make it the ideal solution. There is no rinsing or wiping required after using Vital Oxide, just the benefit of knowing your home or office is safe.

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