Can you imagine disinfecting a forklift by hand?! Alex the Tech makes short work of it, fogging each one in just over a minute, protecting this weeks drivers from COVID-19. ⁠⁠So how does the fog work? Its formula contains a unique form of stabilized
Alex the tech protecting your 2:30 snack break!⁠
Our fogging product is a 100% non-toxic EPA and Health Canada approved hospital grade, biodegradable, environmentally friendly disinfectant⁠, so you can stop worrying about buying that Coffee Crisp.
Another Regina home protected against COVID-19 by Alex the Tech. ⁠
Looking to book a disinfectant fog? Cleans start at just $199 with openings in:
Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, PA, North Battleford, and Calgary - along with many other communitie