Disinfecting Services for your Workplace

Have you had a Covid-19 exposure at your workplace? We can help get you back up and running in hours, not days. Our rapid technician deployment times, combined with our disinfectant spraying service, ensures you can get back to business quickly. We use a Health Canada approved non-toxic...
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Disinfecting Services For Your Home

Coming out of 14 day quarantine? Or maybe you just want to be proactive in protecting your family at home. With our efficient response time, our technicians will be quickly dispatched to your home, completely and thoroughly disinfecting the space. We exclusively use a Health Canada...
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Vital Oxide Dealer

Looking for a Vital Oxide supplier in Saskatchewan? Look no further! Available in whatever size is right for you: 1 gallon jugs, 5 gallon pails, or 55 gallon drums