Choosing the right Fogging Machine


In choosing a fogging machine, what is the right choice for you, your family, your co-workers, and your clients? Over the last year, we have seen a raised awareness of harmful microbes as we have learned to manage our lives around Covid-19. 

Size and Frequency

There are two main factors in considering a fogging machine, the first relates to the size of your building or space. How much area needs to be disinfected? The second is how often does it need to be disinfected? The answer to the second question relates directly to the number of people that frequent your space. 

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The fogging machines that offer the most versatility are the handheld sprayers. The Victory Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer and the Cobalt Handheld Fogger are effective for disinfecting protocols. Both of these machines are robust enough for servicing homes, office space, and public areas. 

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For larger areas, the backpack sprayers allow for the user to carry more disinfectant, for less frequent refilling. Both the Victory Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer and the Cobalt Backpack Fogger offer this convenience. 

For disinfecting small areas and surfaces frequently the Handheld Continuous Mister is a great option as it is small, efficient, and priced for a budget. This is a great option for personal traveling. As well the Handheld Continuous Mister is convenient for fast and efficient disinfecting of office cubicles, washrooms and kitchen areas.

Cord or Cordless?

Fogging machines come either battery-powered or require plugging in. This is generally a question of convenience, using a fogging machine without the cumbersome extension cord helps save time on the job. For areas that require frequent and fast disinfecting it is helpful to consider a cordless fogging machine. The Victory products are powered by Lithium-ion Ion batteries, giving them the convenience of easy access. The Cobalt products are priced sufficiently less but they require access to a wall plug-in. 

Regardless of your choice having a fogging machine as a part of your disinfecting strategy can give you and the people closest to you an effective means in combatting Covid-19 and other harmful viruses. 

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